5 Ways to get YOU ready for Spring!

Its been a long long looooong winter right? I swear, I don’t care how long or cold winter really is, it ALWAYS feels too long in my opinion! If you’re anything like me your “inner cave-woman” comes out and you enter survival mode! Nothing gets shaved/waxed enough, you’ve seen your natural toe color for too long, you may or may not have packed on a few extra pounds and the natural roots on your head are about 3 inches long. Can any of you relate or did I just disclose way too much information? haha. Ok lets get going with this!

  1. Take a long hot bath- Now you might be thinking, “uhhh Kari, we’ve made it through how many months of freezing temperatures and I’ve had (enter excessive # here) baths just to keep myself warm! I feel ya but stay with me. Add your favorite springtime bath bomb or just some epsom salt and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water and lay back and soak. Rinse off when you’re skin is all pruney and exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! Don’t get me wrong… be gentle, but be sure to scrub all that dead skin that has likely been your constant companion for these last few months.
  1. Get a spray tan– See? Now your skin is all ready and prepped. Well… not quite. Remember to rub any rough skin patches with some lotion (knees, elbows, feet, etc) You can get creative here by applying your own rub on self tanner, spray tan, or go in and get a tan from your favorite gal or spa. I personally use a rub on and I’m obsessed with it, it looks so good and it’s so easy and inexpensive!
  2. Mani/Pedi anyone?– Again whether it’s done yourself or from a favorite nail artist, get those babies painted. Having my nails finished in a bright color with some sparkle just adds so much to how I feel.
  3. Get your hair done I strongly suggest getting your hair done. Even if it’s just a trim or a deep conditioning… you come out feeling like a new person. My hair is always so dry and just in desperate need of some tlc.
  4. Start some form of exercise

I know we are all busy and for some this might be the biggest challenge out of them all but once the 2-3 weeks of lactic acid build up dies down and we can finally walk again (haha) it really is so rewarding. Kicking that metabolism up a notch will help sluff off the sluggish feeling and the tired eyes that just seem to appear.