Hard work and Butterflies

Ok, some of you might be thinking “Ok Kari, how in the world are butterflies suppose to help motivate me?” Just hang in there, I’ll get right to the point.

There is this girl, lets call her Mindy. Mindy is absolutely in looooove with butterflies! She was fascinated by them and wanted to be able to help her own little caterpillar transform and actually see the process come about. So she got her little home for it and provided it with the right kinds of foliage. She made sure the temperature was perfect and there was enough food for it. She did all the steps necessary for her caterpillar to become a butterfly, and it did. It found it’s little branch to begin its cocoon (chrysalis or pupa) and it began to change.

It didn’t take long for Mindy to realize that her butterfly was so close to coming through and breaking out of it’s confined living space. After waiting just oh so long, Mindy couldn’t wait anymore. So she helped the butterfly along and carefully pulled back the remaining parts of the cocoon. Well within a short amount of time it was obvious the butterfly was struggling and soon became lifeless. Sad, I know. Do you know where I’m going with this? Lets not treat ourselves the way Mindy treated her butterfly.

Personal transformations are not often easy, they do come, but with a price. We have to be the ones to push through our own cocoons. (comfort level, security, weakness). In order to get where we want to go we have to realize it’s hard work, and it’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged, and just want sooooo badly to speed up the process. I hear ya, I’ve been there many times myself and still go there every so often.

I love this story. It’s so inspiring to me. Think about the end result if you let a butterfly push through all on it’s own! It definitely didn’t mind the safe little sanctuary where it received all the nutrients and opportunities to become what it was destined to become. The problem came when the hard part was done for it. In any part of your life, if you are hoping to make a change I really think its ok to receive the help you need, to get the support systems help. But the person who is going to say no to the sugar, or is going to finish the last 15 minutes of a workout, or make it through one more soccer game, is you. You have to be the one to push through and do the work. Modifying your life doesn’t necessarily make it easier, it means making it possible. Keep that in mind as you move forward with whatever you are hoping to improve upon, on your journey to finding your best self.

I’d love to hear your motivational stories and comments. Be sure to contact me and let me know how you’re doing and if you have any questions.