How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

I get this question a lot. “I’m doing so good eating healthy but then I go visit my sister…” or “I flew to the bahama’s (so jealous) and my diet went out the window”. So how do we stay on track when we are out of our element? At home we decide what goes in our refrigerator. We plan the shopping list, we buy the groceries, we organize our own Menus and most times we cook our own food. When traveling for business or for fun it gets really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while “on the go”. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks that I hope might come in handy the next time you are planning to take a trip.


Come up with your own “go to” list of snacks that you enjoy and then plan on packing a few for the plane or car ride. Being on the road or in the air can be tedious but I guarantee you will arrive at your destination feeling so much better if you fill your body with the nutrients it deserves instead of what is fast and easy. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Nuts– they are probably my all time favorite snack. They are a fast filler and you only need a small handful to take the edge off.
  • Air popped popcorn– this is also a favorite. It’s light weight, easy to pack and just so addicting.
  • Jerky– also light weight and a great filler
  • Crackers– little tip (read the ingredients on the back of the box). So many foods have ingredients in them that are unrecognizable… and we’re eating them! (whaaat???) These days there is so much out there that is close to natural. example: triscuits
  • Dried fruit– just check the sugar content. You can find some with low or even no sugar added.
  • Trail Mix– confession, I actually don’t like m&m’s so I often buy a regular trail mix and then just take out the m&m’s.
  • Avocado chips– mmmm so good and if you check the ingredients they only contain potatoes, sea salt and avocado oil. Yes please!
  • Cheese– need I say more? So many options here.
  • Granola– again, be careful with the sugar that is added
  • Fruit leather– I should just insert (be careful with the sugar) at the end of each of these. haha
  • Fresh fruits and veggies
  • olives
  • Know where you are going

    Where are you going and what places are around you when get there? Where can you go shop? Anything other then fast food? Let me elaborate. I stayed with a sister in Mesa Arizona for a week and we went to a local farmers market selling all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies at an incredible price. We bought literally dozens of different foods, cooked all of them that night and ate leftovers for days. It was a fun adventure and it also fit into our healthy eating lifestyle. I’m a road tripper and it helps to plan my stops ahead of time instead of just stopping when I’m starving and want something fast. That way I can modify my order and choose from a variety of options. With a little bit of planning you can also stop by a local grocery store and pick up a few things you might need that isn’t offered wherever you are staying.

    Pack a Cooler

    Every time I drive long distances I pack a small cooler with veggie tray items, whole wheat sandwich rolls and a variety of toppings cut up and put in small containers or ziplocks. I also have fresh washed fruits and plenty of water. Also feel free to fill it with some freezer meals if you don’t always want to be eating out or your hosts don’t eat the same way you do.


    Sometimes all you need to do is explain. Not everyone automatically understands why you are eating the way you are and won’t accept their hospitality. We all “eat healthy” in our own ways and it can get offensive at times when everything offered doesn’t fit your criteria. Just let them know you plan on bringing your own meals. It can be because you are trying a new diet, dr’s orders, certain foods are making you sick, or you already have your meals ready to go.

    Offer to cook for them

    So many times this can turn out better then imagined! Most moms are excited to learn a new recipe, or to get out of cooking for a night. I know some who even offer to buy all the groceries and have it all ready for me by the time I get there. Pick some crowd favorites, or if you don’t have any I am happy to share. I’ve tried a few recipes at other homes that have become some of their “regulars” after the fact. THAT my friend is so satisfying!

    I hope some of these ideas help. Be sure to check out some of my recipes for freezer meals and foods that travel well.