Well hi! I’m Kari, welcome to Modify Fit. I’m so excited you’ve decided to venture into my neck of the woods.

Wrapped up in a small page, this blog is all about learning to modify. Modification is changing or altering something to make it better. Simple enough right? All too often I am told “yeah that sounds great but…” and all too often I know just how they can modify so that recipe or that workout fits them and their lifestyle. So here I am. (insert cheesy smile here)

How many times have you thought “I want to eat healthier but…” or “I know I should be exercising more but…” or “I love being a wife and mom but…” ? It’s just where we go sometimes right?

I would honestly love to help you get past the “but” and start feeling better! Modify your life so it’s all about You and what You are capable of. No more trying to fit your square pegs into round holes!

Ok now lets move on to the whole reason you are reading this page, (about me!)

  1. I love health… wellness… fitness… nutrition… (need I go on?)
  2. I’m a Utah girl through and through. Seriously I have mountain, lake, desert, city, snow, sun, and fun all wrapped up in one state! Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m in love
  3. I’m married to an Idaho boy and no longer live in Utah (WHAT????) Yeah I know. All I can say is he’s so handsome and worth it and I work on him daily to get us back to good ol Utah. haha
  4. I have four crazy adorable babies from my handsome husband and once again, I think I’m in love. 3 girls and the cutest rolliest poliest boy.
  5. I fight off (unmentionables) just like the rest of ya! Carbs, Oreos, Dr. Pepper, Pizza… just to name a few. (wink)
  6. I am obsessed with shorts and flip flops! I’m always interested in a good spray tan, and some crazy bright glittery toes. Honestly it’s amazing I don’t live in warmer climates!
  7. Continuing with #6, I love getting out (if it’s warm) and doing anything and everything fun. I get out in the cold too but it’s never as much fun.