The Perfect Morning Routine!

Does anybody else wake up just wishing they could pull the covers back over their head and go back to sleep? Well I don’t! I can’t breathe with the covers over my head, haha. But I do wake up feeling groggy and I may or may not occasionally let my incredibly warm cozy bed lull me back into another slumber. However, I do also LOVE waking up early if I can actually drag myself out of bed. I have a few morning habits that I do and I guarantee it makes the day go better no matter what amount of chaos comes my way. Hopefully you can find something in here that will make every side of the bed the right side to wake up to!

Ok the absolute very first thing I do before I even open my eyes is do a nice deep stretch. Have you ever been around a cat? Those animals figured it out right. They can stretch from the point of their nose allll the way to the tips of their toes! A cat’s stretch can even extend through their tails. Have you ever tried it? Just think about it, lying in relatively the same position for hours, sitting in the same seat for hours, or standing again for hours… you’d think your body might need some oil added to the old joints. Doing a quick deep stretch helps wake up all those muscles and allows for the blood to start pumping and traveling through the body. Things get blocked and kinked if the body stays for too long in the same position.

Image by Jonathan Sautter

Once you’ve actually rolled out of bed, make it! Make your bed. Making your bed always always always starts the day out right. It allows for instant success, accomplishment, and satisfaction. It’s small but you’ve just completed your very first task of the day. No matter how you feel, energized, headache, dread, excitement… whatever is in front of you that day, you will always have something to come home to, and it feels so good. Just that little bit of organized cleanliness in one of your main sanctuaries, even if you are staying home for the day offers much. If you make your bed every morning you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, try it.

Photo by Sidekix Media 

If you try each of these steps then hopefully you are feeling a little more awake by now. Try meditating, contemplating, or praying for just a couple of minutes. I am the type of person who can easily fall back to sleep after waking up and moving about. I’d say if I don’t get up and immediately start exercising then I have a good hour of time where I can fall back to sleep, so this never lasts very long for me. It doesn’t have to be. This will help set your mind right. It allows peace and possibilities to flow into your head and hopefully pushes negativity out. One main tip, keep it positive. If the first thing you do is go to that negative dark space, it’s possible to grab you and keep you there for the day. Sinking low it a hard thing to talk yourself out of so try to take 3-5 minutes and think positive, productive, and happy thoughts.

I also try to drink a tall glass of water. Water is purifying, refreshing, and cleansing. Any built up toxins built up in the night are flushed away right out of the gate. You might not be a water drinker but I try visualize the entire picture. Think about a time when you are super dusty or dirty and you seriously need a shower. The moment the water hits your skin it starts washing all that nitty gritty dirt away and you begin be feel better. Obviously that shower might require a little more tlc then just water but imagine what it could do for your insides. 60% of your body is made up of water and up to 80%+ of some of your organs. I literally imagine it spreading throughout my body and just washing away any gunk on the inside that can’t always be seen. And is it ever satisfying!

One more suggestion. Try and eat something healthy. It doesn’t have to be much. I for one am never ready to eat a full blown meal minutes after waking up but I do believe in a green smoothy or some fruit or a piece of whole wheat toast to kick start my metabolism. The very first thing you eat in the morning can also dictate your mindset for the rest of the day concerning your eating habits. If you’ve already started off healthy it’s easier to remain healthy. You can remind yourself what you’ve already nourished yourself with and encourage yourself to keep going. If you hurry and grab some sugar cereal, it’s easier to throw your hands up and think “oh-well, I’ll just try again tomorrow”.

Our bodies and minds are completely weaved together and anything that can help us have a better day… why not? Most of these little tips add an extra 10-15 minutes to our morning routine. I really believe that starting the day out right can really lead to a better day all around. Just try it. See if it helps.

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