Surviving The Rainy Season With Kids

Does anyone else feel like this after winter finally ends and the sun starts breaking through the clouds?… “YES! The sun is FINALLY out…” “and it’s raining again” (sigh). Winter can seem to last literally forever and then it can feel like gray gloomy skies for months on end following all the cold. My kids are always always looking for another reason to head outside and with it being a down-pour day in and day out it makes it harder to satisfy their hunger.

The best thing to do in this situation is get creative. My kids and I now have all these traditions that we can only do in the rain, so we are almost disappointed if it doesn’t rain! Remember… I said almost. haha! But seriously we have so much fun now and instead of dreading the “April showers bring May flowers”, we now look forward to it.

First things first… get those cute kids some rain gear! Kids will go outside just to try out their new accessories. No this is not a need. If it would be a total waste to get your kids a rain coat or boots and you already know they will never use them then don’t do it. Buuuut if you have a kid like mine then rain boots are a must! There are tons of different colors, kids can put them on themselves, they are easy to clean, and they are 100% mud and water friendly! I have one daughter who wears them all summer long with her little shorts and it’s got to be the cutest thing ever! Kids also love umbrellas. I mean, come on… don’t we all? Sitting under an umbrella in the rain takes me right back to the good old days when I was a little girl camping with my family. It ALWAYS rained when we were camping. It use to be the best sound in the world lying in a sleeping bag and listening to the pitter patter of the rain coming down on the tent.

Once the kids at least have an umbrella to play under (because lets be honest, they will come in soaked either way) pull out your camera and snap some shots. Super super gray days aren’t ideal but most of the time right after a heavy rain the sun starts peaking through and the lighting is absolutely perfect! I love doing a little photography and cloud covers are my favorite. Trust me. Colors are more vibrant, the grass is super green and the tones are so even! You will be happy you did and your kids will be on their happiest behavior. I always come inside a little later with some great shots.

If you are fortunate enough to have gutters, get out and let the kids have a race in the gutter stream! They can use anything: little ducks, leaves and pine cones. This is also a great childhood memory for me. I use to visit my grandparents in St. George Utah and without fail if it ever rained we would be out in the gutter racing whatever we could find that would float. The trees would drop these long skinny pine cone kind of things and they were the best when racing down the gutter!

Another “regular” my kids and I do is open the doors when we are having a big storm and we’ll just cuddle up with cozy blankets and watch the storm. I feel like it actually helps with the lighting and thunder phobia and it becomes a fun sound as opposed to a scary one. I know lighting and thunder can be absolutely terrifying for kids. I really think my kids sleep so well through thunder storms because we always take advantage of them during the day with something fun and positive. Some skies have killer electric storms or crazy loud thunder that rattles the home. As long as everyone is safe and sound it can really be an awesome experience.

Lastly, let the kids get wet. Splash through the gutters and stomp through the mud. They are dying to burn off some of that energy anyway and it will leave them with great memories to look back on. Stick with me and I’ll help you get those kids off the couch and outside more to explore all the adventures the world has to offer.

Photo by Jordan Whitt

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