Keeping Kids Active for Easter

Ok who is feeling the “weight” of the weather? Come on… we’re all feeling it. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the southern states and to you, I am extremely envious. I love making Easter a time to stretch out the old joints and get moving. Kids have been cooped up too long, most of us have cabin fever… so lets get outside. Another thought before we dive into some of my favorite Easter traditions… how about saving a little money this Easter? I feel like it’s holiday after holiday and birthday after birthday.

I don’t know about your kids but mine burn through their belongings like everything they own is going out of style! Swim suits are stretched out and faded, flip flops are tattered and old… so why not let the Easter bunny help out a little? It beats buying twice as much in the springtime and getting overwhelmed by the content when it’s all over. Here are a few ideas of useful indoor and outdoor gifts that don’t contain any sugar.


Bubbles are honestly the best Easter gift. I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t just fall in love with them over and over again. I just recently had a speech therapy appointment with my daughter and the therapist brought Fubbles. Why I have never heard of them before now I have no clue, but these things are literally the best! They are spill proof bubbles! They have bigger containers for kids to play with in groups or smaller ones for individuals. Lets just say they are definitely going in my kids baskets. How are bubbles an active gift? Kids can literally run after them for hours. Why are fubbles better? Because their bubble container contains bubbles hours later! Win win!

Photo by Sebastian Pichler


Who doesn’t love to get out and kick around a soccer ball? Or play catch with a baseball? There are so many active options here based on what your child’s interests are. I grew up getting those big vinyl balls every year and I can’t even tell you how much I looooove the smell now. Every time I walk by one of those ball towers in a store it takes me right back to the good old days. My grandparents use to buy blow up toys, balls, and a variety of other out door toys. And again, we played outside with them for hours. Vinyl balls are an awesome inexpensive gift that displays perfectly with the rest of the Easter goodies.


Need I say more? Ok I really don’t have to say more but I’m going to. Swimming is perfect for keeping kids (actively) busy for I swear most of the summer and you can go “all out” here. Towels, dive toys, suits, goggles, floaties, pools, clothes, life jackets, sunglasses and much much more! Plus if you are anything like me you are planning on buying a lot of those items anyway, so back to my original statement… why not let the Easter bunny help with these annual expenses? My favorite pool for my kids and their friends is just the basic rectangular pool. It’s easy to fit under the slide my kids have, it holds plenty of people and it’s easy to clean, set up and take down. Click here if you are interested.


Come on guys, “lets go fly a kite”! That infamous quote could not be more true or more fun. We gave all our kids kites for an Easter party and it’s become a yearly tradition ever since. We were outside for days trying to get the kites in the air and keep them there. Plus, really the best thing to offer is just any idea to encourage you and your kids to get outside and have fun.


My kids LOVE rain gear for (April showers bring May flowers) spring. Rain boots are the absolute best to slosh around in rain puddles or in the mud and they are easy to rinse off and clean. Same goes for rain coats and umbrellas, plus they are all so colorful and fun. Any of these items would be awesome along with their Easter goodies. Rain (or just after) is also perfect weather to get outside with your camera and snap a few shots of the kiddos completely in their element. Getting out in the rain or just after a major down poor is an absolute favorite for the majority of kids. My kids are more then willing to ham up for the camera!

I hope these ideas help. I try to remind myself when shopping for Easter to keep it simple, think about what kids need, and what will enhance their play time. Good luck and I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! Also hoping the weather officially warms up soon!!!!

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