What to Feed Your Baby With?

I am a HUGE fan of clean eating for babies! Have you ever heard the expression “you are what you eat”? I can’t help but seriously think it goes the same way for babies. Starting your baby off with whole, natural foods is a great way help eliminate “picky eaters” and avoid additional doctor bills because of sick kids. I do have 4 kids and I’m definitely not “picky free” or “doctor free” but I can get all of my kids to eat just about anything. Even if it’s vegetables!!!!! (insert emoji with raised eyebrows and mouth wide open) Stick with me and I’ll have you cooking sweet potatoes and squash in no time!

Get Good Equipment

Ok the point of this post is to help you learn to switch over a little or a lot to whole foods for your baby right? Well, I strongly suggest getting some good equipment to make your life easier because it does take time out of a “not enough time” kind of day. I’ve put together a few things that make my life soooo much more efficient when it comes to my babies and their new additional needs.


Lets start with a blender. I’ve had an absolute ton (baby bullet, magic bullet, vitamix) and all of them did/do a great job but honestly if I were you I would get a baby bullet. The reason is because so many of these blenders are for smoothies, not purees. There is a trick to choosing a good baby blender and it’s by making sure the blade runs right along the bottom of the base. If you are making bulk purees to store it is possible to have your baby food turn out smooth in a bigger blender but honestly I always notice little chunks of potato or carrot under the blades of my other blenders. The baby bullet comes with a bigger container for food prep and the smaller one is perfect for instant purees. It also comes with a silicone tray for freezing 6 additional meals. If I am ever making dinner and make the kids broccoli and cauliflower or peas and carrots I’ll just scoop a little into the small cup, add a little breast milk or water and after 20-30 seconds… there’s dinner for your little one. I just love it. You can click here if you’re interested in checking them out. If you have a blender you love you can also check out some of my favorite silicone trays here or here. The different sizes usually depend on how much your baby is eating.

Baby Chair

Ok a baby chair might be debatable because there are literally dozens and dozens of options and brands but my all time favorite is the good old fashioned bumbo. My babies can sit in them by 3-4 months and they are in them for a good few months before they transition out. Bumbos can sit on the counter or table which is the perfect height for feeding and there is usually minimal clean up after. High chairs are great but if you don’t want them taking up all the extra dining space or you want less to wipe down… I’d go with with the bumbo. Just make sure to always always keep a close eye on the progress of your little one. Once they are moving around a bit it’s not too hard for them to bump themselves out of their chair.


Ok I know a lot of you might be thinking… “yeah we’ve got this” because come on… it’s just a bib right? Right! BUT again… I’ve been through cloth… plastic… homemade… bibs that catch food… bibs that tie around the baby to keep them clean… extra long bibs to keep food off their lap… and so on and so on. But seriously? What a crazy huge mess each and every time I feed my baby! The mess will still be there but I’ve found that it’s not nearly as bad with the silicone bibs. They catch everything and they are so easy to clean. I just throw mine in the dishwasher after each use and because I have a few they just wash with my dishes and I always have one available when my little one is ready to eat.


These are like all baby equipment, there are a TON of them. BUT I’ve just noticed that so many of them are flat… so the food falls off. Some are like little craters so the baby can’t get all the food out. Some are really hard so you’re constantly scraping their gums or round pinch-able cheeks. I love the Nuk Gerber Graduates, they are shallow enough, wide enough, and soft enough. They can hold a little or a lot and they are just perfect for training your baby or just for meal time.

Tip for Traveling– My last thought is to get a baby food mill if you travel at all. It makes it so easy to throw in some steamed veggies or soft fruit when you are on the go. It’s little, easy to clean and it travels well. I’ve used one for all 4 of my babies and it’s an absolute must for my diaper bag when I’m out of town or even at a friends house for an afternoon.

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